• Can’t afford to invest in a brand new roof yet? Our Roofing “Touch-Up” Packages might be the ticket to extend the life of your roof for quite a while longer!
  • You give us the OK to inspect your roof. Inspection is FREE! If roof is in good repairable condition we provide you with estimate to “Touch-Up” your Roof.
  • Buying or selling a home? Not only can you make a cosmetic difference, but also a difference in safety. Also increase energy efficiency.
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Visualize Better Roofing

All though no one is hovering over your home, doesn't stop it from deteriorating visual appeal.

Shingle Core Framework

Your roof provides base and functionality to keep your interior protected. Make it last with Quality.

Guidlines Repair Checklist

We use professional practices and rules to ensure your repair is properly implemented.

Executing Completing Repair

After roof inspection, we provide you with a proposal detailing steps to project completion.


Roof "TOUCH-Up"


  • Have a small leak or damaged roof?
  • Lost a shingle or two or even a bunch?
  • Maybe something just doesn’t look right?
  • Buying or selling a home & need an inspection or certification?
  • Your neighbor or friend found an issue and now you are worried?


If you answered yes to any of these questions and your roof is under 15 years old then Lake Erie Roofing & Construction's Residential Roof “Touch-Up” Program may be the solution for you.

Can’t afford to invest in a brand new roof quite yet? Then our Roofing “Touch-Up” Packages might be the ticket to extend the life of your roof for just a little while longer!


Our 10-point Roof Touch-up Service

  • Professional evaluation of roof/concerns/leaks
  • Up to 2 Leaks* Repaired
  • Up to 30 Shingle Tabs* Replaced
  • Reseal Chimney Flashing
  • Repair Nail Pops
  • Re-Nail Loose Gutter Spikes or Straps
  • Secure Loose Flashing
  • Reseal Soil & Vent Stack Flashings
  • Remove Debris from Roof
  • Provide Before / After Photos
Package 1 Package 2 Package 3
$229 $279 $329
Roofs up to 1500 Sq.Ft Roofs up to 1800 Sq.Ft Roofs up to 2400 Sq.Ft
Repair up to 1 Leak Repair up to 1 Leak Repair up to 2 Leak
Replace up to 10 tabs Replace up to 20 tabs Replace up to 30 tabs

Fine Print

  • Notice
  • Support

*Leak and tab amounts vary depending on package. An extra charge may be necessary for steep roofs, two-three story roofs and/or unusual or difficult repairs. If vent stack flashing replacement is required an extra charge of $27 per unit for Neoprene/Aluminum or $89 per unit for Formed Lead Based Flashings will apply.Lake Erie Roofing & Construction reserves the right to discontinue this program at any time and without notice.

 All work is covered by a Full Six-Month Guarantee – and – If you replace your roof within 3 years of the repairs we will apply the FULL COST of the repair towards your new roof – So it is like getting your roof repaired for FREE!

Need a roof tune-up or more information? You can call us at 440-463-2419 during normal business hours for more information and to schedule your roof tune-up. For your convenience, you may click the button below and use our contact form. After submission, one of our roofing consultants will contact you as soon as possible.

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Sounds Good But There Must Be A Catch Right?

Not really but not every roof we inspect is repairable. If we discover your roof is not a good candidate we will not do any work or – If we find additional work over and above our Ten-Point Touch-Up Package we will quote you a reasonable fixed price and will not start any work without your permission.


What iF inspection reveals we need a new roof?

 – Will I still have to pay for the “Touch-Up”?

You shouldn’t have to pay for a repair and then a new roof – That is like paying to patch a tire and then replacing it a few miles down the road. A waste of money for the most part. You had to patch the tire to get home — what else could you do? You did what you had to do but were not happy about it.

At Lake Erie Roofing & Construction we want you to be happy with your roofing decision so as an added bonus – an offer that has Lake Erie Roofing & Construction taking all the risk: We repair your roof now to protect your home, and then we CREDIT you the ENTIRE AMOUNT of the repair if you have Lake Erie Roofing & Construction install your new roof later!


Here it is in writing:

"Get your roof repaired by Lake Erie Roofing & Construction and if you purchase a new roof from us within 3 years, Lake Erie Roofing & Construction will subtract the entire cost of your repair from the new roofing contract amount, no strings attached.”

How does the Roof Touch-Up Program work?
You give us the OK to inspect your roof and make the necessary repairs. The inspection is FREE and providing the roof is in good repairable condition we will “Touch-Up” your Roof.

Do I have to be home?
The good news is that you don’t even need to be home when we make the diagnosis as long as you can be available by telephone to talk about your roof if we find anything unusual, otherwise if we don’t find anything out of the ordinary we will make the necessary repairs and take photos of the repairs.

Most Roofers charge a lot more – How can any Full Service Licensed Roofer do it for such a low investment?
Easy, by being more efficient and completing both the inspection / repair on the same visit, which saves us time and saves you money. Our truck is also stocked with an assortment of materials making us even more effective. Additionally some Roofing Companies routinely turn down repair work focusing on the “higher profit” replacement market so they tend to “overprice” their repair work.

ROOF TOUCH-UP Image Gallery

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